2024 Tournament date: March 3-5, 2024


On the airplane, each traveler will receive an immigration form to complete. You will present this, with your passport, to the officer in the terminal. The bottom portion (your travel visa) will be returned to you and you must present it upon departure from the country. Please keep it with your passport for the duration of the trip.

Golf bags will be collected at the oversize baggage ramp.

After claiming your bags, all visitors place their bags on an X-ray conveyor.

An official will ask you for your Customs Declaration Form (previously filled out on the plane) and will tell you to push the button on the traffic light. If the red light appears, they will search your luggage. If a green light appears you may proceed to the exit, or a search could still be conducted. Beyond customs you will find a currency exchange desk.

For Teams: your rental vehicles will be secured by the Tournament Director if you prefer, and your group will travel by private transportation to the Cabo del Sol golf community. Spectators with rental vehicle reservations should visit the appropriate company desk located at baggage claim.

When you depart the airport, you will travel as indicated on the enclosed map to the highway known as the Transpeninsular. Prior to reaching the highway, you will pass through a toll booth – the fee is approximately $3.00 USD. You may pay with US dollars or pesos.

When you reach the Transpeninsular (the only highway crossing you will reach after departing the airport), directly across the highway is a grocery store called "LaComer". This is a good place to stop for any snacks you might want at the hotel. Turn right at the Transpeninsular / Highway for both Cabo del Sol Ocean Course / Cove Club and our host hotels.

If you obtain money inside the airport from an ATM, you will receive pesos. The exchange rate is approx. 18.50 to 1. ($10.00 USD = 185 pesos.) Items will be priced in the grocery stores in pesos – you may use credit cards, US dollars or pesos – credit cards or pesos are recommended because merchants may not offer the best exchange rate when using US dollars. In restaurants you will be given the choice for your credit card to be charged in pesos or US dollars. If you choose pesos, your bank will use the correct exchange rate on your statement.

Tips to hotel employees may be in pesos or US dollars.

Each team will be assigned a local homeowner to serve as your Tournament Ambassador during your week in Cabo.

CELL PHONE SERVICE: please encourage all traveling to Mexico to add an international plan to their cell phone coverage for the month of the trip. Packages are available from major carriers for texting or phone calls.

The Cabo del Sol Resort has WiFi accessible while on property. Those who reserve rooms at the official Cabo Collegiate Host Hotel will receive complimentary WiFi.

Please review the provided maps, hotel amenities, local restaurants, tourist sites, etc. to help your further enjoy your visit to the Los Cabos area.